Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Changing Face of School Discipline

Here is a great blog post by our Superintendent Shane Backlund on the new way of approaching behavior struggles at school.

Education's previous way of handling issues was to give students academic punishment for behavior issues. By that I mean, if they acted out, we made them miss instruction. If they got into a fight, we made them miss instruction. Often times, students act up BECAUSE they're struggling with academics. At JCP, we've been very intentional about how we approach and TEACH and intervene with behavior as intentionally as we teach and intervene with academic struggles.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

What Really Matters in Education?

20 years from now students will not remember what an amazing math teacher Mr. Eshleman was. They won't sit around and discuss all the ways Mrs. Weiss used differentiation strategies to challenge them. I'm willing to bet there won't be too many conversations about what Senora Vargas did that made learning to read in Spanish easier.

But I can guarantee that when they look back at their education, especially in elementary school, they absolutely will remember how we made them feel. They will talk about relationships, either how powerfully wonderful they were... or how powerfully harmful they were.

Teachers have a tricky role. They need to be experts in delivering academic content so that students can leave with the skills and grit required to be successful in life. And teachers need to be able to deliver all of that while teaching students kindness, empathy, and love, by modeling kindness, empathy and love.

Dec. 17 announcements, final one for 2018!

Dec. 17 announcements from Rob Darling on Vimeo.